Grassi Pietre showroom milano

Agape 12 Showroom in Milan

The experience and tradition in working the stone meets design and innovation in the collaboration between Grassi Pietre and Agape.
A partnership born from the common values of the companies in the selection for eco-friendly materials.

Following the collaboration during Milan design week, the partnership continues with the products manufactured with Grassi Pietre’s Pietranova still on display @ Agape 12 showroom in Brera, via Statuo 12.

Architectural bathtubs and washbasins

Grassi Pietre and Agape 12 @Milan Design Week 2022

Grassi Pietre showroom milano

“Face à face” by Jean Nouvel Design

At Milan Design Week 2022, in the Agape 12 showroom in Milan, Grassi Pietre was present with the realization of architectural bathtubs and washbasins, designed by Jean Nouvel Design, French architect.

In the construction of the bathtub the surfaces appear simply approach one another side by side, thanks to an ingenious system of invisible joints. The effect is both imposing and light, essential and material, generous and functional. Surfaces brush against one another to become a backrest. Extremely precise design and careful attention to the proper angle of each surface means the bathtub becomes a comfortable nest where you can sit, lie down, read, and relax.

Countertop, wall-mounted and freestanding washbasins

The poetics of two-dimensionality continues in the collection’s washbasins, available in the countertop, wall-mounted and freestanding versions.

All channeled thanks to the suitably inclined plane of the basin, they combine vertical and horizontal surfaces for a rigorous architectural structure. A towel bar or storage component may be added.

Grassi Pietre for Agape 12

Showroom pietra di Vicenza Milano

Grassi Pietre’s project for Milan Design Week 2021

In 2021, in the Agape 12 concept store in Milan, Grassi Pietre was present with two iconic pieces, made in grey Pietranova.

The free-standing Spoon XL bathtub, designed by Benedini Associati, and the Bjhon 2 column washbasins, born from an idea of Angelo Mangiarotti.

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Agape12 is a contemporary concept store for interior designers and architects.

A space of 850 m2 to explore with several areas which become large mood boards to inspire the visitor with a range of different solutions for the contemporary interior.

The material

Vicenza Stone

The material has been quarried and manufactured by Grassi Pietre for over 4 generations.

Thanks to its refined aesthetic qualities and its warm, neutral colours, Vicenza stone is suitable for any interiors and exteriors project and different applications such as flooring, cladding, bathrooms, kitchen worktops and more.

As a Limestone, it tends to grow hard with time, because of its calcareous structure.

Available in different colour gradations, the various Vicenza stone types – Bianco Avorio, Giallo Dorato, Pietra del Mare,Grigio Argento and Grigio Alpi – can be also produced in honed, brushed, striated, bush-hammered, sandblasted finish.

Bespoke finishes are also available on request.


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