Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square – PA (USA)

Photo Credit: Becca Mathias/Longwood Gardens

Photo Credit: Sam Markey Photography

Photo Credit: Sam Markey Photography

Video Credit: Courtesy Longwood Gardens/FreshFly

Video Credit: Courtesy Longwood Gardens/Sam Markey Photography

Architect: Beyer Blinder Belle
Photos: Daniel Traub, Sam Markey.

Beyer Blinder Belle’s architectural studio worked on the ambitious restoration project of the Main Fountain Garden, historic heart of the Longwood Gardens, designed and built by Pierre S. du Pont in the first half of the last century, in the great setting of the Brandywine Valley in Pennsylvania.
As one of the great gardens of the world, Longwood is home to the most significant fountain collection in North America, the jewel of which is the recently revitalized 1,719-jet Main Fountain Garden.

The 80-year-old Main Fountain Garden is a hallmark of the Longwood experience visited by more than 1.5 million people each year. In 1931, Longwood’s founder Pierre S. du Pont debuted the Main Fountain Garden, which was inspired by 20th century technology from the world’s fairs and the beauty of renowned European gardens.

Additional project highlights included a complete restoration of 4,000 pieces of Italian limestone.

Grassi Pietre contributed to this restoration by supplying the material needed for the fountain system.
Following the May 2017 return of the Main Fountain Garden, the project and its design teams have been the recipient of more than a dozen awards including a 2017 Best of Design Award from Architect’s Newspaper and 2018 Palladio Award from Traditional Building Magazine.