Something new at Marmomacc: booth of Grassi Pietre by Something

“At Marmomacc 2016 Grassi Pietre comes with a fully  new booth , designed by Something , London/Verona, Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri ( The  installation project is designed to enhance and highlight the potential of stone materials in interior design. ” So Francesco Grassi presents the new booth of Grassi Pietre for Marmomacc 2016, located in Hall 6 stand C2.


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“The entire area – continues Grassi – plays on the dialogue between different stone materials (Pietra di Vicenza in different tones, marble and Pietranova agglomerate), and the contrast between the different surface finishes . Finally, the relationship between the stone and other architectural materials, such as metal or wood. Light has a fundamental role in the installation , it highlights the peculiarities of each material , depending on how it hits the surfaces”.


The space is developed starting from a behind wall made of full and empty spaces, on which different kinds  and finishing  of Vicenza stone alternate on a uniform background. A Pietranova cladded monolithic block  acts as a support to a library in stone and metal. A marble septum delimits the talking area at the space center.


“With this new image – Francesco Grassi states – we summed up Grassi Pietre essence : the main role entrusted to the unique quality of the raw material, the artisan skill of processing that respects and enhances the creative potential of architects and designers . All to meet the needs of an architecture that now more than ever wants uniqueness, high-performance, quality-control , attention , and respect for the environment “.

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