Pietranova and Alpi 4.0

Pietranova is a cement agglomerate composed of Vicenza stone grit, white Portland cement and water. It is a new material, produced exclusively by Grassi Pietre, and represents the perfect combination of the beauty of natural stone and a mix of physical-mechanical characteristics that only the technological vanguard can guarantee.

Designed to perfectly meet the needs of modern architecture, Pietranova exceeds the technical and aesthetic limits of natural materials, and is intended to be used for interior and exterior cladding, stairs and floors, both conceived for residential and commercial use.

To produce the mixtures, only recycled material is used, i.e. Vicenza stone coming directly from Grassi Pietre quarries, which gives the finished product beauty and value, also thanks to the high percentage of natural stone used.

Pietranova is made in three color variants, white, yellow and gray, depending on the residue of grit that is used in the mix, and is available in numerous textures: polished, honed, brushed and scratched. It is also possible to customize some surface finishes, which can be made ad hoc, according to the needs of the client, with the aim of obtaining effects that perfectly adapt to contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic solutions.

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