Stone, marble and terrazzo: the materials for your projects

Vicenza stone is extracted from our quarries located in the Berici Hills, and is available in different varieties: Bianco Avorio, Giallo Dorato, Pietra del Mare, Grigio Argento, Grigio Alpi and Perla dei Berici. Vicenza Stone is suitable for classic and modern floors, stairs, coverings and decorations.

In addition, Grassi Pietre offers a wide selection of materials, among which Pietranova, our exclusive terrazzo in Vicenza Stone chips.

Pietra di Vicenza

Pietra di Vicenza

Thanks to its refined aesthetic qualities and its warm, neutral colours, stone is particularly suitable both for classical and modern contexts. A typical characteristic of Vicenza stone is the fact that it tends to grow hard with time, because of its calcareous structure. It is therefore particularly suitable for large external surfaces.



Pietranova – our exclusive material – is a cement agglomerate made of Pietra di Vicenza chips, coming directly from our quarries, white Portland cement and water.


Beside its company-own quarry stones, Grassi Pietre offers a wide selection of fine natural marble varieties.

Granites and slate

Beside its company-own quarry stones, Grassi Pietre offers a selection of granites and slate, to offer its clients compact materials for specific need ( i.e. outside flooring in cold areas..).

Grassi Pietre agglomerati ghiaccio


The agglomerate take inspiration form the ancient Venetian tradition of the terrazzo and the “seminato”. It is a composite material consisting of stone reduced to fragments of various grain sizes.

lastra grezza

Stone slabs and blocks

Grassi Pietre relies on a large warehouse of slabs and blocks. In order to guarantee the material traceability, every single Vicenza Stone block is marked with the specific “course” (i.e. layer) in the quarry of origin.

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