Nuovo Showroom Grassi Pietre 6

Our Patterns

The new natural stone floors and claddings collection by Debiasi Sandri

Original geometric patterns in the name of design and environmental sustainability

Design Debiasi Sandri

From the synergy between Grassi Pietre’s know-how and the creative flair of Debiasi Sandri studio, a new and evocative collection of floors and wall claddings is born. The design concept is inspired by the need to recover the waste of precious raw materials – Vicenza Stone in its various chromatic variations and marbles – enhancing the aesthetic of the material, in the name of environmental sustainability.
The personality of the materials, skillfully interpreted by the designers, is thus transferred into smaller formats and characterizes the original architecture of this new collection: modular elements distinguished by two- and three-dimensional geometric patterns and delicate tonal variations. The result is a design and material versatility suitable for any type of architectural surface with sophisticated elegance, both residential and contract.
An aesthetic and compositional refinement that translates into eight different new patterns with evocative names, obtained from small slabs recovered from the company’s production: Tebe, Fez, Gradient, Drop, Finn, Piano, Vienna and Venezia.

Grassi Pietre

Grassi Pietre since 1850 has been dedicated to the extraction and processing of Vicenza stone from its own quarries in the Berici Hills (Vicenza, Italy). Thanks to the centuries-old experience, the company performs work on all types of marble and stone, operating as a stone contractor within complex projects that involve the use of different types of materials and representing an excellent interlocutor for architects and designers. With a view to respecting the raw material, the company also offers Pietranova, an agglomerate of cement and Vicenza Stone grit which, in addition to a remarkable technical-aesthetic yield, allows a partial recycling of waste from the main processing and a recovery of quarry waste that otherwise would have no use.

Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri

Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri founded their design studio in 2010.
Based in Bolzano and Verona, they work in various fields of design, ranging from objects to spaces.
Their collaboration evolves along a continuous dialogue encouraged by spatial, cultural and behavioral observations.
Multiple experiments with different materials and processes and the relationship between manufacturing and craftsmanship form the basis for much broader thinking, in which objects are always considered part of a larger picture.
Many of their designs have received international design awards and have appeared in publications around the world.
In addition to working as a designer, they teach regularly, hold seminars and conferences in various institutions including IUAV Venice and Politecnico di Milano.