Grassi Pietre has a long history: the Grassi family started working in its Nanto quarries in 1850. Nowadays Grassi Pietre continues facing the new global market challenges with care and passion.

New refined projects, based on the traditional stone of the company-own quarries meet traditional experience now supported by the latest technologies available in the stone processing sector and production.

The production is set in the modern Nanto (Vicenza) plant and it relies on innovative machinery and highly skilled manpower. A competent and integrated team takes charge of your projects, from development to production, thus guaranteeing the best possible results.


The Nanto plant covers a surface of 35.000 m2 with 4.000 m2 of workshop and 10.000 m3 of storage, where every block is catalogued according to the different “courses”, (i.e. layers within the quarry of origin) and the “direction”, representing the sedimentation plane of natural stone stratification.

Managed by the experience of four generations in the Natural Stone industry, the production facilities comprehende CNC machines, bridge saw machines, lathe machines, a sealing stone line for honing and polishing.

A highly skilled technical department supervises projects of various sizes and typology.


Pietro Grassi started the cultivation of the Nanto quarry together with his sons Vittorio, Achille, Silvio and Luciano in 1850, with its production mainly dedicated to the nearby building sites.

Thanks to the support of the whole family, the Grassi Pietre company gradually became a stone supplier for important buildings in Vicenza, Padua and Verona.

After the 1950s, the Vicenza stone became widely used worldwide, mainly because of its historical architectural references, since it has been used by Donatello during the Renaissance for the St. Anthony Cathedral bas-relief sculptures, and by Andrea Palladio for his Venetian Villas, a worldwide acknowledged symbol of Italian architecture.

The company is still run by the Grassi family, in its historical headquarters in Nanto (Vicenza – Italy), and passionately continue taking on the new challenges posed by the global market, collaborating with Architects, Designers, Developers, Contractors and Private clients worldwide.


Stone, like all other materials, must be touched.
The new Grassi Pietre showroom was born from this leitmotiv: the constant need of a dialogue with international designers.
300 square meters for a space of elegance and contemporaneity.
An exhibition hall, but also a lounge for collective use.


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